May 23, 2008

A Bright Idea

I've been waiting to update the home page of our ORA website, until we had our new member roster set in May. I thought we would be adding some new members. But actually, it worked out differently. A few people are taking a leave, and we're putting off new memberships until after the October show. So now there are only 9 full-fledged members. But I have all these cool pages I worked so hard on for the departing members, and I hate to waste them. So I came up with the idea of starting an Alumni page! This way, we still have access to those people's pages.

So I re-did the home page to reflect our current members, and I re-did the "Artists" page, adding a link to a new "Alumni" page. I got lots of compliments right away, so I feel good about it. Soon there will also be a new page for this Fall's guest artists.

Meanwhile, I'm taking a Dreamweaver class this summer, so I should soon be able to generate new web pages in that more contemporary format. Once I have that under my belt, I will feel better equipped to take on website design clients. I'm looking forward to that; I think there's a real need out there for artists and small private businesses.