March 20, 2017

The Owl Odyssey

The Owl Odyssey

Many of us have ordered stickers and replacement tiles from "CHarli" (Carol Ann Harper) online.  But recently she posted that she's not doing any tile searches for awhile, because of some exciting new project of hers.  Well, she has revealed what the project is, and WE'RE GOING TO BE PART OF IT!!!

You can read her description below (everything below the pictures is HER text). But here's the short version: Carol Ann is sending her Mah Jongg set (with owl one-bams) around the country for individual groups to play with. Each group sends her pictures and descriptions of their adventures with the set.  

I applied to be included, and have been accepted. If I can schedule it right, I'm hoping to he able to share it with both my weekly group and my monthly Couples group.  This is going to be waaaay fun!

For more information about the Owl Odyssey, and CHarli's 
owl-bam MJ set, click on this link to her website: 

Here's a clearer pic of owl-bam tiles. 


The Owl Odyssey is an on-going adventure story for our wonderful mah jong community. Friends sharing our passion for the game and the love of collecting. One continuing theme discussed with my friends in emails, over the phone, and even over lunch is,  "What stories would we hear if this set could talk?" or "I wish I knew who had played with it, and where it has been".  
Just days before Christmas of 2016, something happened that inspired me . . . 
I own and love a unique Owl Bam mah jong set. My vision is for this set is to fly around the world, be played with by all of my mah jong friends and just maybe, some soon to be new friends. It would travel from city to city, foreign lands and back again, all the while collecting stories from its encounters. As Mark Twain put it,  "How far we travel matters far less than those we meet along the way." 
This Owl Bam set will answer that question of "who", "what", "where" and "when, with a documented record of its travels and all the friends who shared in it's story.
If you are interested in playing with this set, sharing the set with your group and your story with the rest of us,  this is all you need to do...
Tell me your story of why this Owl set should visit you.  Be creative.  Happy, uplifting and fun stories are encouraged.  If the Owl loves your story, the Owl will come and visit your group. Let's have some fun and make history!
The scrapbook will chronologically document all the stories, photographs, and trinkets. (please take pictures of your group playing and send it to me via email).  If you have something you would like to contribute to this Odyssey, it should be "posted" (snail mail) directly to me.  Who knows what will be added to this story and collected along the way.
At the end of its journey, the set will be auctioned off, the highest bidder will be awarded the Owl Bam set and the scrapbook complete with all the mementos.  What a treasure to have a documented history. 100% of the proceeds will go to a charity which will be announced at a later date.  
The Odyssey started on Christmas Day 2016. The Owl spent the holidays with a large extended family in Lansing MI,  next it was played with by a group in Lansing and from there it went to another family members group in Harrisburg, PA. The set is now back in parliament and waiting for its next destination.

March 15, 2017

Chatelaine's Heirloom

Last summer the Portland Bead Society hosted a weekend of awesome classes with international instructor Helena Tang-Lim.  We had a great time, and the projects are very impressive!  Also very time-consuming.  Well, I finally finished one of them during our recent PBS Bead Retreat.  Here is my completed Chatelaine's Heirloom.  I made one small change to Helena's pattern: I added magnetic clasps to the necklace strap, so it can be converted to wear without the pendant.


March 12, 2017

Jewish Arts Month

This morning we put up our Week #2 exhibit of Jewish Arts Month (JAM) at Mittleman JCC. Each week in March, we feature a different group of artists in the lobby exhibit.  My work is up this week.

In addition to our weekly rotation of artists, this year we have introduced a new element to JAM. This is the debut of our new charity project "6 x 6 for $36." Twenty-nine of our member artists have created artworks in their own media on small "cradle-board" canvases measuring 6" x 6".  They are all for sale for $36 each. Artists are all donating half of the sale price to our new Scholarship Fund, and many have chosen to donate the entire sale price to the Fund.  A number of these sold on our opening night, but there are still quite a few left to choose from.  Come find yours soon!!