March 9, 2014


I worked for many hours last night on a photo album of Nacho's life, for our memorial today. I'm a little teary-eyed, but this is really therapeutic. So many wonderful memories, I can't help but smile. The kids came over today, and we all reminisced and ate pizza together. 
(Photo copyright 2013 Gary Martel)

March 3, 2014

A Very Good Dog

It all happened so fast. I can't believe he's gone. Our beloved Nacho has been the apple of our family's eye for 11 years, and in a sudden half-hour, he's gone. What a wonderful dog he was, what an incredible character. What will life be like without him? Our loss is staggering.

I keep seeing him dead on that table, but in time I trust that image will recede, and I will remember all the wonderful moments with him, and all the laughter and joy and pride he brought us.

At least he didn't suffer for long. At least we could be with him in his last moments. Goodbye, my sweet baby. We loved you so much.