October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Nacho!

Today is Nacho's 6th birthday. This year I made peanut butter cookies suitable for dogs or humans. I have a bone-shaped cookie cutter, but when I looked to find a Pug-shaped cutter, I had no luck. So I got a generic dog-shaped cutter, and developed a system of "alterations" to create Pug cookies. Here's how:

1. Cut off the upright ear, flip it over, and re-attach.
2. Cut off a little dough to shorten the snout.
3. Gently work the tail to make it longer and thinner, so you can curl it.

Voila! It's a Pug!

Happy happy birthday, Nacho!!

Love, Mommy

October 1, 2008

It's Finished!

This is the finished product, "Yizkor Shoah."

The beads at the bottom are actually more purple than the picture shows, but otherwise, you get the idea.