October 31, 2010

Evolution of an Art Exhibit

Set-up begins Saturday night. I've done this dozens of times, but each time it's a little  different.  I'm trying a new display for my Yahrzeit candle covers... building a little shelf display for them.  And where shall I put that lamp? No, it is NOT gonna stand on the Tupperware!

Other people's booths are just getting assembled. There is a palpable sense of excitement and hope in the air.

Sunday morning... getting closer.  General layout of table is done, and now comes placement of individual items. This year I made a conscious decision to put out a little less, in the hope that shoppers wouldn't be overwhelmed.  I was nervous about it, but it worked out quite well.

This table holds mostly necklaces on very visible upright displays. The plan is for this to catch people's eye as they come from the doorway.  Then they can work their way around to the other table, with more affordable bracelets and earrings.

Gotta remember to take those clips out of my hair....

Other booths behind me look awesome! This is gonna be fab!

Almost done.  Necklace table is ready; I think it looks  pretty good. Um, except for my self-printed, sadly amateur sign.  If I have good sales today, maybe I'll splurge on a professional sign.

Ready to roll! The beaded lamp worked out beautifully with the Yahrzeit candles.. symbiotic... a stroke of genius on Gershon's part. Got my good clothes on, and a necklace I made with a piece of Eddy's glasswork.

One of our members bought something from me before the doors opened... what a nice good-luck charm that was for me!

Leslie's booth looks a little funky behind me, but she changed it so that it worked very well.

10 am... another show begins!

October 22, 2010

Getting Ready

After 11 years of selling my beadwork in art shows and craft fairs, you'd think I'd have the preparation down to a science.  And I sort of do.  But I'm still frantic in that week before the show, always feeling like I'm not ready, and won't possibly be ready. I never have all the pieces that I hoped to have done.  And yet, the show goes on. So, why can't I just relax and go through the process without the stress?  I don't know - maybe it's my own form of stage fright.  Wish me luck on Sunday!

October 4, 2010

A Moving Experience

When we were young, Gary and I moved a lot. For various reasons, we moved into a new apartment every year or two, and our parents & siblings were always there to help us. Together we all moved endless numbers of boxes, picture frames and pieces of hand-me-down furniture. With time, we all got pretty good at the whole process. And our mothers were always there with practical advice and several rolls of contact shelving paper.

At some point, we discovered the joys of hiring a professional mover, so it's been a long time since we practiced the ritual.  But now, once again, the practice of family-assisted moving is revived, with our son and his girlfriend moving from Eugene up to Portland.  But this time, we are the parents!!  What a strange feeling.  The same endless cartons, the same smell of an empty new apartment with hardwood floors, the same feeling of hope and excitement, even the same baseball play-offs on TV in the background, but now we're the old guys with the practical advice. (The funny thing is that I have no contact paper to offer, because I never learned how to do it, since Sonia always did it for me.)

My body aches from all the lifting and carrying. My mind is happy for the new life they will be living in this most exciting part of Portland. And my heart has suddenly realized how wonderful it was to have our parents and siblings helping us with all those moves, what hard work it was, and how much of an emotional investment they were all making in us.

I think I'll go call my Mom now, just as soon as I wipe away this little tear from my eye.