June 1, 2016


This is my latest work, created for an online beading challenge to do something that includes  an eye.  How could I NOT participate??
I haven't done any bead embroidery in awhile, but this Hamsa wall-hanging was a pleasure to work on, and flowed pretty easily once I got started.  It's about 5" x 6", beaded on stiff interfacing, and backed with ultra-suede. The beadwork was very loosely planned, with most choices being made as I went along.  Materials include stone, glass, metal, crystal, shell, and pearls.
I completed a lot of it during my recent trip to Seattle, so it evokes that feeling when I look at it.

My questions now are:
- Hanger or frame?
- Sell it or keep it?
- How much can i charge for 30-40 hours of work?

High-quality problems, right?

P.S.  The underlying Hamsa shape and lotus-flower idea came from a free clip-art graphic by Rebecca Davidson.