August 8, 2015

Do The Limbo!

Well!! After so many months of living in limbo (cue Jimmy Cliff), it seems like everything is moving really fast!

We got the final test results this week, and the repairs are supposedly done, so we'll do a final walk-through and close escrow some time this week. Then, for a short while, we will actually own two homes... eeek!

Meanwhile, our home goes up for sale on Monday, with a brokers' tour Tuesday and Open House next Sunday. This will mean a new kind of living in limbo (love that song)!

We have viewed 66 houses since early March, experienced great frustration as prices spiraled upward on one-story homes, made several offers that didn't pan out, and all the while we were afraid to sell our own house without first procuring a new place to live. Now that one side of the equation appears to be settled, I imagine the other side won't take too long. Hard to believe, but it's time to call
the movers!

Of course the move is bittersweet. We have wanted to downsize, yet it feels sad to leave this beautiful neighborhood where we've lived for 17 years.  A new adventure awaits us, but it's hard to feel it yet. As I often say, "all will be revealed in time." Wish us luck!

Jimmy Cliff: Sitting in Limbo:

August 5, 2015

Are we There Yet?

Today is the photo shoot of our house for the real estate listing. I feel like I've been cleaning forever. And hiding stuff… I doubt if I'll remember where I put anything! I'm exhausted, and the house feels eerily quiet, almost as if nobody lives here.

On the other end, we are supposed to get the report today on the soil samples for the house we're buying, trying to determine the level of contamination from the old heating-oil tank beneath the property. We're in limbo here, even though escrow is supposed to close in a few days! I can hardly wait for the whole odyssey to be finished!