October 7, 2007

Takin' Care of Business

Well, this was an interesting day! We had our big meeting at Neveh Shalom to review things for the art show, and get our booth assignments. Rosanne had us draw numbers out of a hat, and I got a great spot. A corner spot, so I can have two long tables, plus the half-circle rounding the corner. I've never had that much space! This should be interesting.

Some people were happier than others with their assignments, of course. But it was heartening to see people trading, and working together to make things work for everyone. Robin got the stage, and she was happy with it. I was glad it wasn't me, because of the lack of handicapped access.

I also managed to get photos of the final "hands" for the ORA website... Lynn's and Laurie's. Truly a victory of persistence! Will finish revising the ORA Contact page tonight. What a relief to finally have that little project done!

But the really amazing thing today was that the group had a surprise gift for me! In gratitude for my work on the ORA website, they all pitched together and raised some money for two gift certificates. One is for a luxury pedicure, and the other is for a significant chunk of $$ to be used on web design classes and software! Gee, how did they know I need (or want) them? Because Gary advised them. And they all managed to keep it a secret! I was truly touched, and very surprised. (The card depicted here plays "Takin' Care of Business" when you open it.)

This is getting exciting. And a little scary.... I'm gonna be a web designer.... I still think that's very funny!

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