November 20, 2007

Our New Nephew

Life goes on. My brother and his wife are so excited about the arrival of their new puppy. They named him Elvis. He's a "Schnoodle," which is a Schnauzer-Poodle mix. You know about the designer dogs, right? They used to be called mutts, or mongrels. Now they're 'designer dogs', and they cost more than a pure-breed! But I gotta admit, he's adorable. And since he's half poodle, the idea is that he won't shed much. With his black face and bottom, and white in the middle, he looks kind of like a saddle shoe! I can't wait to meet him, but it won't be until January. By then he'll be quite a bit bigger, but that's okay; I'm sure I'll still be crazy over him.

I hope this works out for them. They've wanted a dog for a long time. And we get a lot of joy out of ours. Hmmmm.... I should post a picture of him, too! Heeeeeeeere's.... Nacho!

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