February 2, 2008

Evolution of a Project

I hate deadlines! But they are a part of life. Deadline for new projects to be included in our upcoming ORA exhibit at OJM: February 3rd. I've been working on this Yizkor candle cover during the past 2 weeks.

What an odyssey! Started in Los Angeles at the in-laws' house, with intrigued nieces, nephews, and cousins looking on. Trying to explain what that thin blue strip would eventually become. Continued through days of sitting at my Mom's bedside in the hospital. Spilling beads as I worked on the airplane. Frantically finishing tonight, after our big choir concert. Dunking in water and blow-drying it on the glass, hoping fervently that the thread would shrink to eliminate that little bulge. (It worked - thank you, HaShem!)

This Yizkor candle cover is a memorial to the prophetess Miriam, as part of our Exodus exhibit. Come see all of our offerings:

"Exodus: Our Journeys"
February 7 - 24, 2008

Oregon Jewish Museum
310 NW Davis St.
Portland, Oregon

'First Thursday' opening reception this Thursday, February 7th, 5-8 pm. Free admission.

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estherbeads said...

Yes, I do generally work from bottom to top. Some people find it odd, but to me it makes sense, just like building a wall or a house!