August 29, 2008

It's Always Something

Just so you don't tempt the Evil Eye, the joy never lasts long. Some new, icky challenge usually emerges to make you forget the revelry. In this case, it's flooding downstairs. Again. Mysterious flooding. Two-professionals-have-come-out-and-neither-can figure-out-where-the-water's-coming-from flooding. No-point-fixing-the-carpet-since-it's-bound-to-happen-again flooding. Heavy sigh.

They say that when bad things keep happening, it often mirrors something going on in your emotional life. Like if you keep having car trouble, or losing your keys, it might point to a problem with the direction of your life. Or if you keep getting sore throats, there's probably a communication problem. Things bursting might mean you're holding something inside that needs to come out. Great, but what does mysterious flooding mean? What does leaking mean? Does it imply... ummm... incontinence? I can't figure this thing out, practically or figuratively. And until someone does figure it out, our home is in limbo. Another heavy sigh...

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