October 22, 2010

Getting Ready

After 11 years of selling my beadwork in art shows and craft fairs, you'd think I'd have the preparation down to a science.  And I sort of do.  But I'm still frantic in that week before the show, always feeling like I'm not ready, and won't possibly be ready. I never have all the pieces that I hoped to have done.  And yet, the show goes on. So, why can't I just relax and go through the process without the stress?  I don't know - maybe it's my own form of stage fright.  Wish me luck on Sunday!

1 comment:

Sparks of Spirit Glass said...

Your work is always stunning and your display is always attractive and welcoming. You will be wonderful! This year someone will have a booth in the center bewteen my booth and yours...I hope it doesn't block my view too much. I love looking across the room and seeing your sparkles!

See you at set up!