March 4, 2013

Prayer Beads

Back in October, after nearly 6 months of disability, I made a tentative return to beadwork. I had a big show coming up, and didn't have a lot of merchandise, so it was "go-time." One day I just sat down and made a necklace. Just grabbed the first beads that caught my fancy, and fiddled with them.  It was such a great feeling, like returning to the living. And when the necklace was done, I realized it was totally symbolic.

The beads were Tibetan prayer beads, accented with Bali silver bead-caps.  Prayer was certainly appropriate in my situation.  (And of course the word "bead" comes from the Latin word for prayer.) And, in order to keep them from wobbling on the thin wire (big holes in the  beads, small holes in the silver), there was an inside spine of smaller beads holding them steady. Just like in real life - you can't see what's inside, but it makes all the difference!

Well, I felt great coming back to life, and soon made a bunch of other necklaces. I didn't want to do much work with my usual tiny beads because (a) my hands weren't ready, and (b) I didn't have time before the show. So I just went ahead and made easy necklaces with large beads, and no regrets at all.

The show went well, I had fairly good sales, and mainly..... I'm back, baby!!!!

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Sparks of Spirit Glass said...

Awesome ! We need to get back to critique group ....time for some show and tell!