February 24, 2014

Good vs Evil: it's not always black and white.

Sometimes I am conflicted: should I read or should I bead? I love them both, but often one seems like a distraction from the other. Balance has never been my strong suit.  This is why I love the "Read & Bead" challenges presented by my online beading group. We get to do both, with purpose!

Generally, we have several books to choose from, and this time I had no idea what any of them were about. So I chose the one that was apparently humorous.  The book is called "Witches Abroad" by Terry Pratchett. Never heard of him before, but he's written a LOT of books.  He's a British writer, in the vein of Douglas Adams and Monty Python. So the reading part was rollicking good fun. But then came the beading part. I can't believe how hard it was to decide what to do!  I guess I should go easy on myself: my brain is still terribly distracted. But it surprised me anyway.

Eventually I distilled the crazy story down to the concept of Good vs Evil, and the twisting winding way in which each of the Fairy Godmothers thought SHE was the good one. Black and white beads presented themselves, a double-spiral stitch seemed to fit the bill, and I sprinkled in a few gold beads to represent the royalty in the story and brighten up the piece.

They don't all have to be epic creations. This one worked for this particular moment in time, and I'm happy with it.


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