February 23, 2015

Frozen Mah Jongg

Yesterday I participated in this year's Mah Jongg Tournament at Neveh Shalom. My fellow Thursday-night player Julia Waco was there too. There were also a number of people I've taught to play Mah Jongg over the years, which is always very gratifying.

It was a lovely event, with food, camaraderie, Mah Jongg and prizes.  

Unfortunately, there was a slight problem with the climate control, 
so everyone at the event was

Despite the challenging conditions, 

I managed to score pretty well, and win 4th place!
This wasn't quite high enough to win a cash prize, 
but gift cards for Veggie Grill are great too!

A fun time was had by all. (Well, except for the crazy lady who got mad at Julia. Elana would be proud of Julia for racking so fast!)
And the tournament raises money for education scholarships, so it's all good!

Stay calm and Mah Jongg forward!

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