April 17, 2010

Then Come the Tulips

Tulips are blooming everywhere.  Last week I saw the most amazing group of tulips... they were breathtaking! Deep purple, hot pink, goldenrod and orange.  They made such an impression on me that I drove right home and pulled out my beads.  I found the four closest colors on hand, decided to use Swarovski crystals for the accents in the middle row, and made this bracelet.  I really LOVE this color combo!

This week i had occasion to be back at the same spot, so I tried to take a picture of the tulips with my cell phone camera. But it's so pathetic, the pix were worthless.  Oh well, I am just enjoying the bracelet.
(Click on the picture to see it in more detail.)


Anonymous said...

I love it!
The color combo is just yummy!

Batya said...

By looking at your beadwork, I feel like I've seen those tulips myself. So gorgeous! (B. Kluger)