May 25, 2010

Friends are Good

The funeral is over, the Shiva is over, the 7-day candle has burned all the way down, and everyone is finally back at home. But of course it feels so strange, kind of empty. Hard to grasp that someone so central to our life is gone.

Some rituals are helpful, though. And the company of people is really important.  Yesterday we had a memorial service for Sam here at our house.  It was gratifying to have so many people come and support us in our time of sorrow.  Most of our Portland friends never met Sam, but they were able to know him a little bit, through the picture that Gershon painted with his stories, and I think everyone felt enriched by the experience.

We also made a collage of photos, which turned out to be a really therapeutic project.  The memories are so sweet, as you dig through albums full of surprises.  And it's amazing how much other people enjoyed the pictures too, trying to guess which little boy is Gershon, and laughing gently at the bygone fashions.  Again, being surrounded by people we love was so comforting.  We have built ourselves a lovely community here.  Friends are good.

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