May 14, 2010

The Jig is Up

The jig is up. It's all a sham.  "Happily ever after," "growing old together," "the golden years"... all those romantic phrases... all trying to hide the ugly truth: that you get old in pain and frustration, you die, usually in a most humiliating or painful way, and the ones who are least able to manage alone are left alone for the next 20 years.

The denial as we move from our "prime" to our "golden years" is preposterous, as those approaching the chasm try desperately to cling to the mirage... trying to will it to be true, even as they try to hit the brakes, knowing deep down where they're heading. What a slap in the face the actual truth is. The jig is up. It's all a sham.


Teresa Sullivan said...

You're absolutely right, and I appreciate your being real about this. Sugar-coating stuff just makes it sticky. Much love.

p94501 said...


I totally agree! That's why I've lived fast and hard I don't want to to be 80 and unable to have a good quality of life.