April 1, 2014

Beading on Auto Pilot

March was a tough month for me. Grieving for Nacho, and fighting yet another bad cold, it was hard to think constructively or inventively. Fortunately I already had a significant beading project in progress, so I didn't need to think up anything. And it's always good to have work for my hands when my head and heart are wounded.

At last month's Bead Retreat, I took a wonderful class with the legendary Virginia Blakelock. She was preparing a new class for the Bead & Button show, and we got to be her guinea pigs… for free!!  It was an awesome project, entitled Etruscan Bracelet.

My online beading group issues a challenge each month, and this month's challenge was…. ready for this?…. Ancient Civilizations!! And since the class was held on March 1st, it qualified. This was really great because, as I mentioned I couldn't possibly think up something original myself.

So I spent a few weeks completing the bracelet we began in class, and submitted it on time for the online challenge. Mission accomplished, and some degree of comfort taken.

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