April 25, 2014

Shades of Green

This month's beading challenge was easy, once I realized I had already done it!

Karie Popp Hieb taught this very cool project at the Bead Retreat, but I wasn't in that class. Eventually I got around to reading the directions that had been generously included in everyone's packet. I knew it was great-looking, having seen the ones people from the class were working on. And I had two different shades of green tila beads on hand, so let's do this thing!

I finished the bracelet pretty quickly, before my trip to OC, and set it aside. Already planning my next one, maybe in black and white.  Today I pondered this month's challenge, which is multiple shades of one color. What could I possibly do in just the few days I have left?  Wait a minute… I've already done it!

Multiple shades of one color? Check. Done within this month? Check. All made from existing "stash"? Check!!

Sometimes life takes care of me.

"Reversa-tila Bracelet" (design by Karie Popp Hieb)

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