February 14, 2010

Flipping Out

We're getting down to the wire... jury date is Tuesday night... time to put this baby together!  My stomach hurts. I spent some stressful time this morning, figuring out how to piece together the pieces I've made, and where they'll sit on the glass globe. Well, guess what? They didn't all fit!  I actually had to leave one out, and also had to construct one more piece to fit into an empty spot.  Sigh...

But I came up with this cool piece, starting with a semi-circle I had already done (you can see it in the previous post), and adding the reverse flips to fill the space.  What do you call this shape?  It reminds me of that 1964 haircut... the "flip."  With a tiara.

So, back to the construction. Trying to fit them together is crazy, because I have to attach them temporarily to the globe. But how?  I tried 2-sided tape, then clamps.  Hmmm, I didn't try rubber bands.  But I ended up just scotch-taping each piece roughly into place.  It looks ridiculous. But slowly slowly, I'm getting the pieces sewn to each other. Once they're all attached, I can try my plan for anchoring them to the top of the glass, and I hope to have time to add some more embellishment.

I'm really regretting how the timing worked out, because it will not look like I envisioned it.  But at this point, I can only do what I can do, and hope it looks nice enough for the jury.  I'm trying not to flip out.


Anonymous said...

I got a sneak peek preview and I like what you are doing! Stay with it...the end is in sight!

Sparks of Spirit Glass said...

congrats! you finished the project, it is beautiful and the jury liked it!

now......for the show!
Elements Gallery on NW 19th and Vaughn....PDX! March 4-14!!!!!!

Let's pop a bottle of champagne and toast the show!!!!!

Dawn Kepler said...

It is beautiful! What is it?