February 4, 2010

The Nuisance of The Wild

I am an animal lover, and I love most of them.  But I don't like coyotes. I do not find them cute or beautiful or romantic or regal. They scare me for real.  Especially because I have a small dog, and coyotes have invaded our neighborhood big-time. 

Coyotes have been sighted on our own street for the last few weeks.  My son even had a near-collision with one on his way home to our driveway.  On Tuesday my husband was walking the dog and heard howling very nearby. Luckily our son happened to come by in the car, so Gary sent him ahead to look for the source of the howl.  Sure enough, it was a coyote, not 100 feet away.  Joel chased him away with the car, and went back to DRIVE Gary and the dog back home. Personally, I don't walk the dog on our street at all.  I drive him somewhere safer, and walk with him there.  This is crazy!

Yes, I understand this is all because their habitat is being destroyed. But this particular neighborhood was built almost 40 years ago, so why are they appearing here now?  Well, I've been puzzled about that, but last night I think I figured it out.  There are a lot of new homes being built fairly nearby.  Not so close that I consider them in our neighborhood, but it's happening in so many nearby areas that I think the coyotes end up wandering over here, where there are no bulldozers, and plenty of small dogs & cats.

So at the moment we live in a state of siege.  I don't know what can be done about it, or how long it will last, but we live in fear.

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Jewish Arts Month said...

call animal control. They will respond...at least they do in pdx. We get cayotes periodically but they move on when they have eaten all the cats in the neighborhood.

sorry for the problem. i know what it's like to have a beloved pet and have to be constantly vigilant for predators!