May 12, 2017

Class Is In Session!

The second group to play with the Owl set was a group of my Mah Jongg students, who came over to my house on Friday morning. They are new to the game, still getting the hang of it, and it was sweet that they brought homemade cookies and fruit salad.

For a moment, I was disappointed that so few people showed up, but as is so often the case, it worked out perfectly. We spent quite a few hours chatting and playing, in a low-pressure environment, with a charmed Mah Jongg set.  And Dana joined us later in the afternoon.  The conversation was amazing. It almost seemed like the Owl freed us to speak of personal things... health issues, families, politics, pride and fears.  And as it was unfolding, something important was being born. One of the women was clearly hatching a BIG idea for a win-win sort of event.  If & when it happens, I'll let you all know. 

I offered the students a similar one-bam challenge, but the prize was a pair of Owl earrings. The student who won was happy about winning, but even more exciting about her Mah Jongg hand!

I started out this day kind of bummed, but in the end it was very fulfilling, and I will always remember it.

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