May 9, 2017

Preparing for a Weekend of Owl Mahj

You know me... sometimes I get a little carried away. But hey, that's how I roll!  I ordered some little owl snack plates online, plus some Owl molds. None of the molds were the size I expected, but I forged ahead.  

I decided it was time to learn how to temper chocolate, so the molded owls would come out nicely. Turns out... tempering is a pain in the tush, and I probably won't do it again. But I must say, the chocolate came out glossy and smooth, just like it should. 

After some misadventures that I won't discuss, I found a video online that showed how to make these cute pretzel chip owls. The video is just a few minutes long, and and is taught by two adorable little twin girls. Too fun!

I found a beaded owl pendant online, and figured out how to make it myself. Not sure what I will do with it afterward, but it was great fun to wear it throughout the Owl games.

I also found this veggie platter online, and had to make one myself. I really didn't know if it would turn out, but it did!  Gershon and I had a bet about how long it would take to prepare.  He won; it took 53 minutes.  Now we're ready for a weekend of Owl Mah Jongg gatherings.

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