May 13, 2017

Two By Two

Day 3 of the Portland Owl Odyssey: Couples' Mah Jongg

My last group with the Owl set played Saturday night. This is a group of 6 couples who play monthly. We've been playing together for 11 years, and have become a tight group of friends. Once or twice a year we go to the beach for a Mah Jongg weekend. Each of the couples attending added to the theme by bringing owl stuff... a solar-powered owl toy, a framed owl picture, owl masks, and owl earrings. 

Owl mask guarding the TV.

I issued the same one-bam challenge to this group, but it was really hard to achieve. Finally one of the husbands won, and went over to choose a prize from the basket. He didn't hesitate, chose a pair of owl earrings, and presented them to his wife!  OMG, so sweet! (I urged him to take a second prize for himself, but he declined.) Later his wife made the BIG HAND, picked it herself, and of course it included a one-bam. So she got $1.20 from each player, plus a prize from the basket. Did she choose a prize for hubby?  Ummm... no.

 Sheryl wins the BIG hand.

It was a lovely, comfortable evening with old friends. Everyone enjoyed the Owl set, the prizes, and the owl snacks. It's one more sweet memory that we share.

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