May 14, 2017

Happy Mothers' Day, Owl-Style

The owl games in Portland are finished, but today was Mothers' Day, so there was a little more fun to be had before I mail them off tomorrow.

The owls came with us to Mothers' Day breakfast at the Multnomah Falls Lodge.  It wasn't their kind of food, so they just hung out and watched politely.

After the festive meal, Gershon and his mom walked up to the falls, and I stepped inside the visitor center to get out of the rain. Guess who was there?!? A big, life-size owl up near the ceiling, just ready for the perfect photo-op!

Later in the afternoon we went to a performance of the Bach Cantata Choir, and the Owls were very well-behaved. Not a single hoot (maybe because they were zipped up inside my bag?). 

Finally we went home, packed up the tiles, and said a fond farewell. Tomorrow they travel to the far-off land of Louisiana.  
It's been an awesome experience!

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